Shore Excursions

Shore excursions are for those who are traveling with a cruise ship and wish to see the best of the area with the limited time available to them. If you want a truly unique and worthwhile experience then ditch the large cruise ship group and allow us to show to you the best day possible. When the cruise ship docks at the port we know that you have limited precious time to see the wonders of the cities and surrounding areas. Instead of following the large group travelling by bus, why not let us Show You Italy in a relaxed and stylish fashion. We will collect you from the port and you will travel to the city in an air-conditioned executive car thus maximizing the time available. With our guide you can tailor your day exactly as you wish without having to follow a set itinerary, as is the case with the large group. We will make sure you arrive back to your cruise ship feeling like you have spent more than only one day in the city, to the envy of your fellow passengers.