General Terms

In accessing, surfing or in any way using this website, the user agrees to comply

by the terms and conditions of use. Where the user does not agree to be bound

by these, including any subsequent modifications, they must not access or use

the website. Show Me Italy (the company) reserves the right to modify these

terms and conditions at its own discretion. Payment and guarantee of bookings

also act as an agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions. The

invalidity of any of the provisions of these terms and conditions will not affect

the continuing validity of the remaining terms.

Show Me Italy accepts payment by the following credit cards: Mastercard/Visa.

Full advance payment is required in order to secure and guarantee a booking.

All prices shown are in Euro € and will be charged as such.

Upon completion of a successful booking and payment, the customer shall

receive a booking confirmation. The customer must ensure that they present

this booking confirmation when they arrive for their tour/service to ensure the

booking may be honoured.

Products/services offered by Show Me Italy are valid for the dates and

times displayed on the website www.showmeitaly.com. The company is not

responsible or liable for any information that it does not directly provide.

Bookings made for tours and services are valid only for the specific dates and

times chosen at the time of booking and payment.

Should a customer need to modify a booking, they may do so within the terms set

- All requests for booking modifications must be directed to our Customer

Service Team at info@showmeitaly.com;

- There is no fee to amend a booking or to change the dates or times of

a booking, provided such a change is requested no less than 72 hours

before the time the tour is due to take place;

- The company will endeavour to honour any request for a change to a

booking but cannot guarantee that it will be able to fulfil this request as

changes will be subject to availability;

- Changes requested less than 72 hours prior to the service date and time

will be subject to a €15.00 fee.

The company reserves the right to cancel, change or substitute any tour or

service that has been booked through Show Me Italy, at any time and for any

reason. In such an event, the customer will be notified in advance and offered

alternatives of an equal value. Should such alternatives be unsatisfactory to the

customer, they will be entitled to a full refund of the original purchase price.

If, for any reason, the customer wishes to cancel a booking, they may do so

within the terms set out below:

- A booking may cancelled up to 72 hours BEFORE the tour is due to

commence in order to secure a refund. In order to cancel a booking, the

customer must either email or telephone Show Me Italy and will be sent a

confirmation of the successful cancellation via email;

- Tours cancelled less than 72 hours prior to their start time cannot be

- A cancellation fee of 10% of the total paid applies to all cancellations, to

cover the cost of entrance tickets, among other things, which would have

already been purchased by the company;

- We will endeavour to provide refunds as soon as possible and using a

method that is convenient for the customer.

Disclaimer and Limitations on Liability

Under no circumstances will the company be liable for any of the following

losses or damages (whether such losses where foreseen or otherwise): (i) loss of

data; (ii) loss of revenue or anticipated profits; (iii) loss of business; (iv) loss of

opportunity; (v) loss of goodwill or injury to reputation; (vi) losses suffered by

third parties; or (vii) any indirect, consequential, special or exemplary damages

arising from the use of www.showmeitaly.com regardless of the form of action.

The company accepts no responsibility for any sickness, pilferage, labour

disputes, machinery breakdown, government restrains, acts of war and/or

terrorism, weather conditions, defects in any vehicle of transportation or for

any misadventure or casualty or any other causes beyond their control. This is

not limited to, but may include, a) the closure of venues which Show Me Italy

tours visit, where the closure of that venue is outside the company’s control or

where they are not notified by the venue with ample time to notify the clients;

b) the inability of our tour to access certain monuments, areas and/or venues

due to restrictions caused by excessive traffic, inclement weather, manifestations

and protests or due to that area being restored/under construction or covered/

obstructed from public view.

Furthermore, Show Me Italy is not responsible for any services, or part thereof,

Show Me Italy is not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal property

of any individuals participating in its tours or services.

Show Me Italy accepts no liability for the foods or beverages consumed on its

tours. While the company will do its best to accommodate clients with dietary

restrictions, it cannot be held responsible for any food-related illnesses. The

participant fully comprehends and accepts all of the risks associated with their

The customer will be notified in advance of the tour time and meeting point. For

group and semi-private tours, we advise that the customers arrive at least 10

minutes prior to the tour commencement time. The company cannot accept any

responsibility for late arrival of customers to the meeting point. In this event,

if the tour has already commenced/departed, it will not be possible to refund,

either in full or partially, the cost of the tour. If you anticipate that you may

arrive late, please contact Customer Services and the company will endeavour to

accommodate you, however, please note this possibility is not guaranteed.

Customers who have booked private tours/services, will be notified of times

and locations and pick up times and locations in cases of driver service. It is the

customer’s responsibility to be available at these times and locations and to

notify the company should they not be able to arrive on time. The company will

endeavour to accommodate customers who cannot arrive on time but cannot

guarantee that a rescheduled pick up time/location/day or private tour will be

available at no additional charge.

The customer must insure that all members of their party bring valid ID to the

tour. This is especially important for those who have booked student or child

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Ireland. In the event

of a dispute that cannot be resolved amicably between the parties, exclusive

jurisdiction is conferred on the courts of Ireland, sitting in Dublin.